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Dr. Vincent Giampapa and his staff are committed to providing our patients with the latest and best care possible.  Our efficient and highly competent team provides our patients with outstanding, personalized attention in a safe, compassionate and professional environment.  You can expect the most advanced techniques in facial rejuvenation with the most Natural "Operated" results possible.  Dr. Giampapa is the inventor of the Stem Cell Facelift and holds a worldwide patent on the process.  Dr. Giampapa's technique is being taught to and performed by cosmetic doctors globally.  Visit us and see why patients from both the USA and abroad are extremely happy with the most up to date personalized cosmetic procedures available.

To experience all we have to offer for yourself, request your stemcell facelift consultation with Dr. Giampapa or call the office of Plastic Surgery Internationale at (973) 746-3535 today.

There are other doctors claiming they do similar procedures, but no one has the knowledge of the science like Dr. G. does. Within 10 days, my results were dramatic.
- E.R., Singapore
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