Turn Back Time...

An article reprinted from"It's The Doctor's Orders" Magazine, highlighting Dr. Giampapa's research. Click here to read more

Dr. Giampapa Unveils Stem Cell Face Lift at New Jersey Fashion & Beauty Week

Plastic surgeon and inventor of the Stem Cell Face Lift Dr. Vincent Giampapa presented his latest findings at this year's New Jersey Fashion and Beauty Week at the renowned Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange...Click here to read more

Dr. Giampapa comments on....Stem Cell Treatments

At the forefront of science, stem cells offer a host of beauty benefits. In addition to the health advantages they are known for. A new discovery has doctors in the Aesthetic industry ecstatic...Click here to read more

Beauty’s New Frontier

Stem cell face-lift pioneered by Dr. Vincent Giampapa gains worldwide notoriety in 2010.  Click here to read the full article.

NeoStem Files Patent Application for Stem Cell Face Lift Technology

Click here to read about the New Stem Cell Collection Center at the Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy

Doctor Debuts "Stem Cell Face Lift"

A new technique using adult stem cells from the body's own fat tissue has been found to restore the plumpness, smoothness and skin tightness of a more youthful face.

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