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  • There are other doctors claiming they do similar procedures, but no one has the knowledge of the science like Dr. G. does. Within 10 days, my results were dramatic.
    - E.R., Singapore
  • "I wanted to look and feel good about myself. It was just what I was looking for - a natural, younger version of me."
    - J.P., Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • "I am a pharmaceutical rep and looked into this procedure in detail. My results have been outstanding, with a more youthful facial contour and better skin. I highly recommend it."
    - D.F., Wayne, NJ, USA
  • "I traveled from a long distance and wanted to improve my skin. My skin is dramatically better, and I continue to see improvements with the DNA cream. I don't use Botox ® anymore since this procedure."
    - A.C., Taiwan, China
  • "I had the Stem Cell Facelift 6 months ago because I didn't want a surgical procedure. The results have been amazing. My face looks younger, but natural."
    - M.M., Seattle, WA, USA
  • "Extremely happy…It looks so natural."
    - A.H., Rome, Italy


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Camilla's Stem Cell Face Lift
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Victoria's Story
Victoria happily recounts her Stem Cell Face Lift.

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Dr. G. speaks.
Dr. Giampapa Speaks at Fashion and Beauty Week
Dr. G. Describes the Stem Cell Facelift at New Jersey Fashion and Beauty Week.

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Annette's Stem Cell Facelift
Watch Annette's interview about the Stem Cell Facelift and how it has changed her life.

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Loraine's Stem Cell Facelift
Watch Loraine's interview about the Stem Cell Facelift and how it has changed her life.

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Dr. Vincent Giampapa on the Stem Cell Facelift
Listen to Dr. Giampapa talk about the Stem Cell Facelift and its benefits over other types of cosmetic surgeries.

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